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Sample Prompts for the Argument Essay FRQ- AP government


Below are 14 samples, each of which includes:

  • A sample essential question which introduces the argument essay prompt on some area of government.
  • A draft prompt including three founding documents that could help shape the students’ arguments.

Are your students bored with the founding documents?

Check out this Cartoon.  It describes a 3-Step student engagement technique that you can use with the founding documents to make them more interestingCartoon

I used the technique with success with Martin Luther King’s Letter From a Birmingham Jail and the Articles of Confederation.

AP Government Argument Essay Samples

Congressional oversight:  Is congressional oversight healthy or unhealthy for our system of government?  Prompt

Interest groups: Do interest groups hinder or promote democracy?  Prompt

Civil Rights:  Should the federal government have power over states in the shaping of civil rights policies?  Prompt

Citizen participation: Does citizen participation really matter?  Prompt

Photo IDs and federalism:  Do states have the authority to pass photo identification laws which restrict people’s ability to vote?  Prompt

Presidential power:  Do executive orders give the president too much power?  Prompt

Gridlock:  Is gridlock from divided government healthy or unhealthy for our system of government?  Prompt

Term limits:  Do congressional term limits violate or honor indexpopular sovereignty? Prompt

Primaries and caucuses: Is the presidential nominating process democratic? Prompt

Social Media:  Is social media a healthy way for citizens to participate in our political system?  Promptvoter_id

Electoral College:  Should the electoral college be abolished?  Prompt

Representative versus direct democracy: Which is a better vehicle to serve citizen needs– a representative or direct democracy?  PromptThe_Kavanaugh_family_and_Donald_Trump

Independent judiciary:  Is an independent judiciary a threat to or a savior for democracy?  Prompt

NEW! Political Parties:  Do political parties hinder or promote democracy?  Prompt

Need help with Supreme Court comparison FRQ?    I’ve posted some samples here

Need help with the FRQ#1 Concept Application? Here is a sample on the electoral college    Here is a response from a student. Despite a few factual inaccuracies, my impression is that she got one point for part A, one point for part B but I couldn’t quite give part C to her because she didn’t clearly relate the amendment process to the concept of federalism. It had to be inferred.